Pearl SensiTone 14" x 6.5" Beaded Steel Snare Drum - STA1465S

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The Pearl SensiTone Beaded Steel Snare is a highly practical drum with redesigned hardware components and shell compositions.

The SensiTone Snare is equipped with Pearl's SR-150 snare strainer and features a Gladstone-style throw-off with Pearl's Click-Lock technology, locking the snare lever and tension adjuster to retain your settings no matter how hard you play. The slider provides a dependable and smooth action with firm snare tension control.

This drum is complete with Pearl's SuperHoop II hoops for even head-tensioning and lasting durability.


  • Exquisite SensiTone Snare with Redesigned Hardware and Shell
  • Pearl's SR-150 Snare Strainer with Click-Lock
  • Retains your Settings no Matter How Hard you Play
  • Dependable and Smooth Action with Firm Tension Control
  • SuperHoop II Hoops Provide Even Head-Tensioning