Pearl 830 Series Drum Hardware Set

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The Pearl 830 Series Drum Hardware Set provides you with everything you need to set up your cymbals and snare drum. All the stands are high-quality and feature double braced legs for added durability, while remaining compact and lightweight. The BC-830 boom stand, C-830 straight stand and the S-830 snare stand come equipped with Uni-Lock technology, rubber feet and nylon bushing joints.

Additionally, the H-830 hi-hat stand features a chain drive with a standard clutch and a 'Demon-style' footboard. The included pedal in this set is the P-930 which is a single-chain, drive pedal. The pedal is equipped with a long footboard and flexible beater angle, allowing you to create a sound to suit whatever your style.

The Pearl 830 Hardware set contains every necessary stand you need for your kit.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Double braced legs provide exceptional stability
  • Single-chain drive pedal with demon-style footboard
  • Complete all-in-one hardware solution

The Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Set Includes:

  • 1 x BC-830 Boom Cymbal Stand
  • 1 x C-830 Straight Cymbal Stand
  • 1 x H-830 Hi-Hat Stand
  • 1 x S-830 Snare Stand
  • 1 x P-930 Pedal