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Pearl 2-Way Universal Clamp - ADP-20

Pearl 2-Way Universal Clamp - ADP-20

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A versatile two-way clamp for adding extra toms and cymbals to your drum setup. The Pearl ADP-20 2-way Universal Clamp features UltraGrip wingnuts which are adjustable to accommodate parts between 5/8'' and 1 1/8'' in diameter, allowing you to attach toms or booms arms for cymbals.


A two-hinged quick-release clamp firmly locks in your cymbal arm or tom, ensuring that your equipment remains safe and secure while playing.

In addition to this, the two hinged quick-release clamp also allows for quick and easy setup and breakdown, making it the perfect addition for a travelling and performing drummer.


  • Perfect for adding cymbals or toms to your drum kit without increasing your floor space
  • Two hinged quick-release ensures safety and stability while playing
  • Quick and easy setup for the travelling drummer
  • Chrome finish provides exceptional durability
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