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Meinl Classics 10” Splash

Meinl Classics 10” Splash

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The Meinl 10" Classics Splash Cymbal produces a bright and shimmering sound with quick decay, making it an ideal choice for punctuating your playing with vibrant accents. Its short sustain allows for quick and precise strikes, adding a dynamic and lively element to your drumming.

The Meinl 10" Classics Splash Cymbal embodies the legacy of Meinl's commitment to crafting top-notch percussion instruments. Trusted by drummers worldwide, Meinl's passion for creating cymbals that inspire creativity and elevate musical expression shines through in every note produced by this splash cymbal.

Price: £44.99
Title: Meinl Classics 10” Splash
Size: 10”
Series: Classics
Condition: 9/10
Material: B12 Bronze

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