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INDe Ultralight Cymbal Arm Upgrade 18" - CA18

INDe Ultralight Cymbal Arm Upgrade 18" - CA18

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INDe's Ultralight Cymbal Arms consist of a 10.5mm aluminum L-arm, with our gearless, multi-clamp tilter, and a cymbal rod.

Available in 4 standard lengths (measured from the centerline of the L-arm base to the cymbal location). There are a few ways to set up the clamp that give you some adjustability, the measured length is the maximum reach.

Add an INDe BR3 bracket for a drill-free mounting solution, or a BR2 if you have an existing bracket on your drum that you want to upgrade.

A fantastic upgrade for any kit, be it a vintage drum kit or modern set-up. A great way to carry less gear to gigs!

Worldwide Shipping Available from Rubix Drums. 


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