INDe Drill-Free Ultralight Tom Mounting System / Rail Mount - TMRAIL

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Lightweight, compact, ultra versatile.

This stylish and functional Rail Mount is an incredible addition or upgrade to any kit, be it vintage or modern. The drill-free rail mount replaces 2 lugs on your bass drum (adjustable 1-2” hole spacing), and a stainless steel rail goes in between, no drilling required.

The upright clamp will connect to this, and a 10.5mm rod clamps into the base. It comes with a 4” rod.

Then comes the tilter. This can be set up going vertical for a bit more height, or horizontal for more reach to the side. It has a gearless tilting mechanism, and horizontal/rotational adjustment of the L-arm to position your drum perfectly.

The L-arm is 3” x 4”. Depending on the positioning of the tilter and L-arm, this can give you a range of 7-10” from the top of the bass drum to the tip of the L-arm. If you want to extend the reach, you can get an extended vertical rod for more height, or extra-large L-rod, (5x6”), that will give you more reach to the side.

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