INDe Drill-Free Bass Drum Spur Upgrade 10"

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This Bass Drum upgrade kit replaces the lousy spurs on your bass drum, using INDé's Patented suspension mounts and gullwing style spurs.

  • Better Stability! Much more sturdy than the spurs on many vintage drums

  • Better For Transporting! Folds around bass drum to fit in cases

  • Better Sound! Suspension brackets allow for increased resonance!

  • Memory Locks for repeatable setups!  

  • These install on virtually any drum, no drilling required!

  • US Patents 10,366,681 B2, 9,792,888 B1

The kit includes:

  • Choice of 2 x BR2, BR2XL or BR3 brackets.

  • Pair of 10.5mm, 10 inch Ultralight Aluminum Spurs. 

  • 2 Memory Locks


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