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Rohema Felix Lehrmann Signature Drumstick 618115

Rohema Felix Lehrmann Signature Drumstick 618115

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Felix Lehrmann Signature

This stick is "Everybody's Darling" - just like the man himself.

At first glance, the Felix Lehrmann Signature Stick seems to be a Jazz Stick with its rather small tip. But it is thicker than you might expect and, above all, heavier. The weight selection of the hickory raw material results in a very high density and weight for Felix's stick, which gives it a durability above average. Still, the stick is top-heavy. It has tremendous power transfer for spirited drumming, but also allows delicate playing and has a very fine sound on the cymbals.

The Felix Lehrmann Signature Drumstick is an all-round stick that enables you to play almost every conceivable style of music thanks to its dimensions.


American Hickory, Lacquered, Acorn Tip, 407 x 14,4 mm

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