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DW Collector’s Maple 14 X 5" Snare Drum - Natural Satin Oil

DW Collector’s Maple 14 X 5" Snare Drum - Natural Satin Oil

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Here we have a preloved 14 x 5” version of DW’s Collector’s Series Maple Snare Drum which is yet another first-class example of the company's expertise. It generates an immensely full, rich sound which along with its broad tuning range and explosive attack, makes this a very versatile snare drum indeed. DW has taken full advantage of the natural timbre of North American Maple and crafted a shell that harnesses the perfect balance between tone and attack.

This is a drum that is built to last and provide the player with a super-reliable snare that can be counted on to perform night after night. This high level of consistent performance combined with brilliant levels of power, sensitivity and resonance makes this a snare drum that all others should aspire to match.

Its shell is crafted from a solid 10-ply sandwich of choice Maple reinforced by a 6-ply Maple hoop that adds even more stability to the drum, resulting in increased tuning consistency. The shell also features 60-degree bearing edges for optimal head to shell contact which enhances levels of resonance and attack. A lacquered shell interior adds a sheen of tonal brightness to an otherwise full-bodied sound, and the addition of DW’s MAG Snare throw-off and 3-point butt positioning allows you to dial in your snare wires with an extreme degree of accuracy.

Beautiful in sight and sound, the Collector’s Series Maple is a must-have snare drum that any gigging drummer will be delighted to have in their arsenal.

Shell Diameter: 14" (35.5 cm)
Shell Depth: 5" (12.7cm)
Shell Material: Maple
Shell surface: Varnished / lacquered
Rims: DW True Hoop 2,3 mm
Tuning screws: 10
Shell hardware: Chrome
Colour / Finish: Natural Satin Oil
Special Features: Throw-off snare strainer
Outer Layer: Maple
Drum shell: DW VLT construction 10 Ply
Shell thickness: 8,0 mm
Country of Origin: USA
Strainer: Normal Dw Strainer
Snare wires: DW True Tone 20 Wires
Resonant Bearing Edge: 60° DW Bearing Edge
Bearing Edge: 60° DW Bearing Edge
Resonant Drum Heads: DW Resonant (Made by Remo USA)
Head skin: DW Batter Coated (Made by Remo USA)

Title: DW Collector’s Maple 14 X 5" Snare Drum - Natural Satin Oil
Size: 14x5.5
Year: 2012
Weight: TBC
Colour: Natural Satin Oil
Condition: 10/10
Misc: No marks, Its good as new hardly played.


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