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Drumtacs ATAC Polymeric Tonal Dampener Pads - DT-ATAC

Drumtacs ATAC Polymeric Tonal Dampener Pads - DT-ATAC

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Innovative damping pads for drums and cymbals!

The Drumtacs DT Damper Pads is a pack of four drum pads that remove high-frequency overtones to produce a deeper focused sound. Drumtacs are reusable sound control pads that will not flap, buzz, fly off or harm percussive surfaces including bottom heads, vertical heads, the underside of cymbals and more.

A single pad placed about an inch from the rim will only remove the high frequency overtone and leave a deeper focused sound with improved response and increased attack. A single pad placed on the underside of a cymbal near the bell, will slightly darken and mellow the tone, whereas placed on the edge, the pad will heavily dampen the sound.

The main features of the Drumtacs DT Damper Pads include:

  • Pack of 4
  • Removes High Frequency Overtones from Drums
  • Leaves a Deep Focused Sound with Improved Response & Increased Attack on Drums
  • Darkens & Mellows the Tone on Cymbals or Heavily Dampens the Sound (Depends on Placement)
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