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Canopus Yaiba II Groove Kit Birch Rose Sparkle 22/16/12/10

Canopus Yaiba II Groove Kit Birch Rose Sparkle 22/16/12/10

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Canopus have managed to produce a drum sound that suits any musical situation, with a combination of forced-hardening lacquer and shell construction without reinforcement.This sound has attracted leading drummers such as Stevie Wonder and Kenny Washington as well as up and coming drummers such as Mark Whitfield Jr., Justin Tyson and Joe Dyson to name a few. They have checked all of the Canopus series, and have chosen the Yaiba Ⅱ as their preferred drum set.Series like the RFM have a thin, resonant shell with reinforcing rings – this gives a rich mid-low end which gives players a very pleasant feel. With Yaiba II, we have managed the combination of the thickness of the shell and the hardness of the forced-hardening lacquer to create a new sound – which provides more projection and a “solid” sound.


22" Bass Drum

16" Floor Tom

12" Tom

10" Tom

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