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Canopus Bro's SK-20 5-Piece Drum Kit

Canopus Bro's SK-20 5-Piece Drum Kit

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The Canopus Bro’s Kit SK-20 works beautifully in all genres, thanks to its 20″ bass drum and a shallow tom set up.

Adopting an all-Birch shell, you can experience a well balanced tom sound, with excellent tone and low end on the 20” bass drum, which is comparable to one of a 22” set.

It can be used for school equipment such as club activities for a long time, due to having such a versatile size balance.

Please note that the pictured drum kits may not match the sizes and drum configurations here described.


  • Available in three stunning finishes: Platinum Turquoise, Platinum Quartz and Platinum Ruby
  • Shell: All Birch
  • Bass Drum: 20”x16”
  • Rack Tom: 10”x8”
  • Rack Tom: 12“x8”
  • Floor Tom: 14”x14”
  • Snare Drum: 14”x5.5”
  • Tom Holder Included

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