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Rohema Bell Strap 2+4 Medium

Rohema Bell Strap 2+4 Medium

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Bell Strap 2+4 medium

Playing rhythmically with jingles or bells is not as easy for children as you might think, because they are harder to handle than, for example, a drum. However, it offers plenty of opportunities to promote creative and motor skills. Making bells ring is therefore particularly interesting for children.

Rohema bell straps allow children to get to know and activate their bodies in a sounding way. Together with adults, they can try attaching the jingle band to their belly or head and then make it sing by moving it. In doing so, the kids not only train their auditory perception, but also their body awareness. They move either only the belly or only the head or both together and get a feeling for their body. At the same time, the overall development is supported.

Two small and four larger jingles with a warm sounding tone are used for this jingle band. They are attached to a leather strap with a clasp. Rohema jingle bands are tested according to the German toy standard. We recommend them for children from 3 years.

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