TBDFT-M Tackle by Dragonfly Drumstick Toppers -Medium Canvas

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Dragonfly Percussion Drumstick Mallet Toppers bring the promise of extra versatility behind the drum kit. These accessories allow you to turn a pair of medium-sized drumsticks into mallets in mere moments.

From there, you can play orchestral percussion elements with poise and precision. And once you’re done, they detach in a flash.

This pair of Mallet Toppers is made with stacked layers of medium-strength canvas. At Rubix Drums, we feel the canvas construction is a welcome upgrade over the traditional felt mallet.

Canvas Mallet Toppers are far more durable and break in with use instead of degrading as felt does. Tonally, a pair of canvas Mallet Toppers offers extra low end and increased dynamic sensitivity.

Medium Canvas Mallet Toppers are an excellent choice for jazz drummers or situations that require a softer touch than your normal sticks can provide.

Try a pair of Dragonfly Percussion Medium Canvas Mallet Toppers and experience ear-tickling new textures.