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Aquarian Modern Vintage II Super Kick Drum Head - MDV

Aquarian Modern Vintage II Super Kick Drum Head - MDV

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The MODERN VINTAGE II SUPERKICK Combines all the focus, punch, and control of Aquarian’s Two-Ply Superkick II, with the added warmth and great looks of Aquarian’s iconic MODERN VINTAGE texture coating.

The two-7mil plies add durability and enhance low-end frequencies. The patented Aquarian Floating Muffle Ring helps to increases low-end punch and definition. The Modern Vintage Texture Coating adds the look, the feel, and the warmth of a simulated calfskin but with a full frequency controlled tone. Like all Modern Vintage Heads, this model looks as good as it sounds!

All three of these design elements combined together create one of the most practical and musical bass drum heads for stage or studio.

  • Two x 7mil  drumhead film plies  for durability and depth
  • Floating Muffle Ring for control
  • Vintage coating for warmth and great old-school look
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