1970's Royal Star (Pre Tama) Drum Kit Servicing @ Rubix Drums

1970's Royal Star (Pre Tama) Drum Kit Servicing @ Rubix Drums

Isn't she a beauty?!

This week in the Rubix Drums workshop, we had the pleasure of deep cleaning and servicing this stunning 1970's Royal Star drum kit in an incredible copper finish.

Royal Star were the up-market brand of Hoshino Gakki’s drum factory in Japan, before they changed their company name to Tama in 1974, a brand that has been huge in the development of drums and hardware over the last 46 years.

Royal Star were a big part of the early 'Made in Japan' movement in the 70's and 80's, which included brands like Tama, Pearl & Yamaha making a huge impact in the drum scene, that would last until today.

This kit is made up of 3 ply shells, with HUGE 6 ply re-rings and a lacquered interior, and boy, does it bring the BOOM!

When we received the kit, it wasn't in the worst condition considering it's age (50 years old).

Royal Star 1970s Pre Tama Drum KitRoyal Star 1970s Pre Tama Drum Kit

She needed some TLC. We started by fully stripping the drums of all hardware, including it's beautiful 'Fre-o-matic' Star's take on the Rogers Swivomatic tom arm.

 Royal Star Fre-o-matic tom arm

We cleaned up all of the chromework: lugs, hoops, mounts, tension rods, legs and claws, and as always, the results speak for themselves...

Royal Star HoopsRoyal Star HoopsRoyal Star Floor Tom Mounts









After a deep clean, interior wax and exterior polish, we re-assembled, re-headed and set her up, and WOW!

 Royal Star (Pre Tama) Drum Kit CopperRoyal Star (Pre Tama) Drum Kit Copper


Man does it look good!


If you would like to have your vintage drums serviced by our fantastic team, email us at info@rubixdrums.com 


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I have a 1976 Tama Royal Star 5-piece kit and removed the bottom skins of the toms in about 1990. Idont know wh?
I’ve since misplace them and wondered what are the size please?
Well done for the servicing of your kit it looks brilliant.


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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