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Snareweight 2-Pack Insert (Accessory) - 003-2PK

Snareweight 2-Pack Insert (Accessory) - 003-2PK

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Genuine Leather Variety Inserts (2 pack) for use with Snareweight #1,2,3,4 and 5 !! ...6 options of dampening. Choose a thin or thick leather insert to quickly dial in the dampening of your favorite snare sound. Also try using two inserts side by side creating more surface area contact on the head to target the unmusical ring of your snare. Remember you can turn the insert over as well to the metal side for less dampening.


With the 2 pack there are a total of 6 different sounds- front/ back (2 thicknesses) and side by side (2 combos). Worn in inserts always sound better.


Demo Video by 180 Drums

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