"Get that perfect cross-stick sound every time!"

Rim Riser Cross-Stick Enhancers

We are very happy to announce that Rubix Drums is now officially the exclusive UK & European distributor of RimRiser Cross-Stick Enhancers.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! These cross-stick enhancers by RimRiser USA really do bring consistency to your performances, with a raised rim allowing better grip on the stick, giving you more control over your playing.

RimRiser Models



A serious snare upgrade for any drummer! Each 30-ply Rock Maple Rimriser is meticulously handcrafted in the USA by a skilled woodworker with over 35 years experience in shell design.

Complimenting the warm wood maple tonalities, a bronze standoff space and singled sided neoprene / steel washer easily attaches with one tension, compactly raising the hoop surface about an inch (extended DW True Pitch and standard rod is included with hardware) enhancing the mid-range and control for a warmer more consistent cross stick sound or adding new wood-like hoop effects to your drums.



The Rim Riser is a cross-stick enhancer that allows you to get that perfect cross-stick (in other words, a rim-click) sound every time, giving you consistency throughout your performances.

Raising the rim allows the player a better grip on the stick. Cross-stick playing becomes easier and drummers are able to perform difficult rim-click patterns freely.

Easy to Fit

Using the supplied tension rod (both standard and extended DW True Pitch rods are included), spacer and washers, RimRiser attached quickly to your drum.

Improved Grip

With added angle to your cross-sticks, you retain better grip on the stick, allowing greater articulation and comfort.

Consistent Cross-Sticks Every Time

RimRiser gives you a perfect, consistent sounding cross-stick with every hit.



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