The 4Korners Academy

The 4Korners Academy

Hello Everyone, 

We're happy to announce that in partnership with our friends, The 4 Korners,

The 4 Korners Academy is now available!

This is a great practice to play with amazing 4Korners members

Clarence “T-lee” Hill on keys, 

James “JT” Thompson on bass, 

Isaac “Ike” Thompson on guitar and 

Jerrod “J-rod” Sullivan on drums

(Pearl drums, Sabian cymbals)


The4Korners academy drums Rubix music


What you can do with the app:

- Play along with the recordings

- Study transcriptions

- Adjust the speed of playback

- Add and subtract instruments

- Become the Fifth Korner!



Free Trial available NOW! The link can be found below!

For any question please contact us on our website

T4K Academy


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