Snareweight Review

Jim 'Creature' tried out the Snareweight M80 so that he could give his opinion on it and how it compares to other drum dampeners on the market.

The Snareweight M80 drum dampener offers Medium to Heavy Snare drum dampening - 4 different settings... or, flip it up and off the head for none at all.

The M80 presents some weight on the head to help shorten the lower frequency hum and never sticks to the head like tape or gels. You can dampen in a snap or disengage even faster with the on/off magnet feature. Works with triple flange hoops, die-cast, s-hoops, angel hoops, true hoops, brass hoops, and 1/4" wood hoops.

For a more subtle dampening effect, the M1 is a little smaller but also a very effective dampener to achieve the sound you want.

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