Canopus Snares

Darren A. Beckett stopped by to try out a range of different Canopus Snares; the Yaiba II Birch, the Zelkova, the Mahogany and the Harvey Mason Signature.

The Yaiba II Birch snare drum models have inherited the great Canopus sound and have also specialized and refined the concept of the original Yaiba – but they sit in a much more affordable price range. This is a “dream come true” for those drummers who have always wanted to easily have the Canopus sound.

The Zelkova Snare Drum can be described as the purest form of the drum. Only one hollowed piece can be taken from a stump of precious 200 year old Zelkova wood, also called Akagi or "red wood". The sound that is produced from a single piece of wood has a unique and powerful attack. Each stroke produces a "block of sound" with a sharp edge and a thick low pitch, while maintaining the warmth of natural wood.

The Mahogany has a unique sound – heard in many vintage drums. Canopus have taken this special wood and created a new contemporary sound. They exercised their ingenuity in shell construction- using 6ply mahogany-poplar-birch shells with maple reinforcement, and edge-shaping to create a clear, crisp, well-rounded tone.

The Canopus Harvey Mason snare drum is, quite possibly, the finest example of a snare drum money can buy. Crafted from beefy staves of artisan Walnut, this 10x6" shell creates a dark, complex crack when tuned up high. Tune it low, and you'll be amazed at how big and rich this little guy can sound! Solid brass, single-point lugs along with the best snare wires in the business make the Harvey Mason 10x6 one of the most unique and inspiring snare drums we've heard in a long time.


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