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Yamaha Stage Custom Hip in Raven Black 

A brand new line of Drum Kits for 2020, Yamaha has expanded on their pre-existing Stage Custom series with a 'Hip' new design. The 'Stage Custom Hip' features compact sizes and unique design features, providing an innovative and practical option for the working Drummer. 

Yamaha Stage Custom Hip in Raven Black features a 20“ x 8“ Bass Drum, 13“x 8“ Floor Tom with Snare, 10“ x 5” Tom and a 13” x 5” Snare Drum. A CL940LB Tom holder is added to the shell pack. The set is offered in three different colours; Raven Black, Natural Wood and Matte Surf Green (NEW).

The Floor Tom comes equipped with 20-strand snares and can be transformed into a deep, 13- inch Snare Drum with only a single action. In addition to Jazz and Pop music, it can also be used for Hip-Hop, R&B, and a variety of other musical genres.

The 100% birch shells have become synonymous for Yamaha Drums. The Stage Cusom Hip can be perfectly completed by an EAD10 Drum Module or Yamaha‘s “Crosstown” lightweight hardware pack HW3.


  • Hoops: Triple Flange Hoop Steel / 1.5mm (FT/TT/SD) Wood Hoop (BD)
  • Lugs: One-piece with Lug Insertion Plate
  • Shells: All Birch (6ply)
  • Heads: Top TT/SD/FT: Yamaha Coated Bottom TT: Yamaha Clear SD/FT: Yamaha Snare Side Front BD: Yamaha Smooth White with ring mute Batter BD: Yamaha Clear with ring mute
  • Tom mount: Direct mount
  • Clamp: All Round Ball Clamp (Long Rod)

Here at Rubix we wouldn't stock kits we don't believe in. These kits sound incredible, especially for the price. 


This kit also comes comes with Yamaha 700 hardware.