Vintage Soul Steel Series 14x5.5" Snare Drum - White Shimmer Lacquer

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Vintage Soul Steel Series are a limited run of vintage steel shells that have been beautifully painted in three different colours, this being a subtle white shimmer lacquer.

This snare is lovely and bright with superb attack, and will cut through any mix you throw at it. With a wide tuning range, this snare sings its best in the mid-high tunings, but will make for a fat back beat when tuned lower, this is an incredibly versatile snare drum.

Fitted with Vintage Soul 20 strand dry snare wires, an INDe SB1U strainer and butt end, a Canopus CIM-10 internal dampener, and 8 double ended brass lugs finished in chrome. Remo Ambassador Coated and Hazy heads are fitted to this stunning drum.

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