Vic Firth VicKick Wooden Shaft Bass Drum Beater - VF-VKB5

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Unlock a sense of touch and control that is simply not attainable with any other beater on the market.

The Vic Firth VicKick Wood Shaft Bass Drum Beater. The unique design features a large maple shaft and a smaller felt head, creating an even distribution of weight from top to bottom. As a result of this, the beater offers smoother action and more control throughout the whole dynamic range.

Why choose Vic Firth VicKick? It is developed in collaboration with Peter Erskine and used by drummers from all types of genres due to its exceptional versatility. The VicKick beater provides an incredible feel with perfect levels of balance and control for maximum playability. The 1.75'' felt ball packs a punch, whilst remaining slim enough to be used on a double kick pedal. And, made by Vic Firth, you know you're getting your money's worth.


  • Length: 7 1/2"
  • Head Size: 1.75"
  • Head Material: Felt
  • Shaft Material: Maple
  • Equal weight distribution provides smooth action and more control
  • Felt head creates clear articulation
  • Designed for all types of music - extremely versatile and durable
  • Developed in collaboration with Peter Erskine