Vic Firth VicKey2 High Tension Drum Key - VICKEY2

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On the field or on the stage, convenience and portability is a must. With that thought in mind, the new Vic Firth High Tension Drum Key comes with a convenient carabiner for easy clip-on accessibility. Attach the key onto a stick bag, backpack or a belt loop and it's within reach at moment's notice!

The special plastic grip conforms nicely to the hand, adding a significant degree of comfort while tuning. Whilst surely a great choice for tuning high tension marching drums, drum set players will also enjoy this new key, especially for quick head changes!

The Vic Firth High Tension Drum Key provides the added leverage needed to tune drums in any high-tension environment.


Main Features

  • Designed with extended 'T' for added power and faster tuning
  • Special grip handle for added comfort
  • Carabiner clip for easy access