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stagg double Bass Drum pedal - PPD-52

stagg double Bass Drum pedal - PPD-52

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Stagg's PPD-52 is a very impressive double bass drum pedal that comes in at a surprisingly low cost. Solidly made and hardy enough to withstand the abuse of the hardest of players, this pedal doesn't compromise on action and playability, which is smooth and comfortable.

This is a very robust pedal - the base plates are made of steel and are coated in an anti-slip rubber on the bottom, the frames are double anchor spiked and the side-operating clamping mechanism allows great access to be able to make sure that clamp is as secure as you require. The angle of the 4-way beater, the spring tension and the drive shaft are all adjustable.

The PPD-52 comes with additional features such as toe stoppers, two double-headed beaters (felt and plastic), memory locks, tuning and allen keys - everything you might need to customise your pedal to your playing style.

Always thinking, Stagg also provide an extra spring pack so you can convert the PPD-52 into two separate pedals, making it a fantastically versatile piece of kit.

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