Sonor 'Sonorlite' 1980's 14" x 7.5" Scandinavian Birch Snare Drum

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This beautiful snare drum is straight from the 80's, with a Scandinavian Birch shell that is up to 50% of the weight of comparable snares, whilst not compromising on the strength of the drum. With 12-ply, 7mm shells, this drum really is a thing of beauty, with a sound to match.

Sonorlite drums produce a warm, rich and modern sound. The balanced sound volume is achieved by special shell sizes. Every Sonorlite shell is veneered inside with selected plies of high-quality Scandinavian Birch, giving them the final touch to the sound.

Sonorlite drums have been developed in response to drummers who are not only seeking an instrument with high quality sound, but also require a light, rigid shell design. In the construction of Sonorlite, Sonor strived to meet the most demanding sound requirements. The same high manufacturing standards that are used in our full Sonor product range have naturally been applied to Sonorlite. Nothing has been compromised, Sonor have given painstaking attention to even the smallest detail.

This drum is second hand, but is in fantastic condition.