SONOR S-Class 14" x 5" Birch/Maple Snare Drum

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If you aren't familiar with these snare drums, these are the first generation of S-Class drums Sonor created in the late 1980s before their shells were outsourced in the early 1990s to China.

The S-Class first generation drums are the only drums in the entire S-Class line whose shells are of German origin, not Asian. Although the S-Class Maple used the same hardware as the S-Class, their shells were of the mass-produced Asian origin, along with the S-Class Pro line. The S-Class first generation drums were marketed as a higher-end mid-level drums back in the day, but if you were to put these next to Tama Starclassics or Pearl Masters drums, you would know how quality these Sonor drums are. The Germans have a reputation to "over-engineer", and this drum is no exception. This is a professional quality drum.

Shell construction: 9-ply shell (6-ply birch, 3-ply maple)

This drum features Sonor's slotted tension rods.