Sonor AQX Compact 4-Piece Drum Kit

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Compact Kits for on-the-go Drummers

Compact and affordable kits with an incredible sound — you'll get that and much more with the Sonor AQX Jazz, Jungle and Micro shell packs. From cafes to small clubs and worship services, these Sonor AQX compact kits shine in intimate venues, with a vintage tone derived from its 100% poplar shells.

Plus, they include Sonor’s SmartMount tom and cymbal mount, which maximizes the resonance of your rack tom while providing plenty of flexibility for positioning a crash or ride cymbal. A serious performer, the Sonor AQX compact kit is one of the finest-sounding — not to mention, best-looking — kits at its price point.

100% poplar shells for pure tone

Poplar has been a popular choice of drum manufacturers for decades for making economical, great-sounding instruments, and the Sonor AQX’s all-poplar shells are oozing with old school charm. Tonally similar to birch, poplar boasts a medium attack, with a pleasantly bright top end and a satisfying thump, which is ideal for a range of tunings.

Die-cast lugs and SmartMount system

The Sonor AQX Jazz, Jungle and Micro are outfitted with the same die-cast lugs found on other Sonor AQX series kits. These attractive lugs ensure tight, accurate tuning, as well as durability that will withstand the most rigorous of gigging schedules. Additionally, the Sonor AQX compact kits come equipped with the lug-contacting SmartMount tom and cymbal mounting system. This unique design prevents direct shell contact to maximize resonance and sustain.

The new Sonor AQX drum kits come in 5 different size configurations: Stage (22" kick) and Studio (20" kick), as well as Jazz (18" kick), Jungle (16" kick) and Micro (14" kick).


  • 3 New Stunning Finishes Available
  • 9ply 7.2mm Poplar Shells
  • Pre-Muffled Bass Drum Heads
  • Natural Finish Bass Drum Hoops
  • AQ Lugs with Tunesafe
  • Matching Wood Snare Drum
  • CTH4000 Cymbal/Tom Mount

Jazz Shell Pack Sizes

  • 18x14" Bass Drum
  • 12x8" Rack Tom
  • 14x13" Floor Tom
  • 13x6" Wood Snare Drum

Jungle Shell Pack Sizes

  • 16x15" Bass Drum
  • 10x7" Rack Tom
  • 13x12" Floor Tom
  • 13x6" Wood Snare Drum

Micro Shell Pack Sizes

  • 14x13" Bass Drum
  • 8x7" Tom
  • 13x12" Floor Tom
  • 13x6" Wood Snare Drum

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