Slingerland Vintage Drum Kit 1960/70's in White Marine Pearl - 22/13/14/16

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This beautiful Slingerland drum kit is styled on the Buddy Rich Outfit, which looks to have been compiled from two drum kits, one with a 1960's badge, one with a 1970's badge.

The sizes of the kit are 22x14", 13x9", 14x16" (RARE), 16x16", with maple shells with maple reinforcement rings, all with Slingerland lugs and hoops. The kit has been refinished in a fantastic white marine pearl finish, with upgraded floor tom legs on the 14" & 16" to make the kit more of a players kit, ready for the stage. The insides of the shells have been stained in a dark red finish.

For a player looking for that vintage Slingerland sound, with the bonus of the kit looking completely refreshed with its re-wrap, and the more stable floor tom brackets, this is the kit for you!

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