Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King 14"x5" Snare Drum.

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Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King 14"x5" Snare Drum.

When you think of vintage metal drums you can't help but think of the brand Slingerland, it's fair to say that Slingerland paved the way for many of the leading drum manufacturers of today with their inventive and classic metal snare designs and you'll be pleased to hear we have one of the originals here at Rubix for one lucky drummer to snap up.


The (Pre-Loved) Slingerland 14" x 5" Gene Krupa Sound King Chrome over Brass Snare Drum was designed in collaboration with the influence of the legendary Gene Krupa, hence the name! When it comes to articulation this snare drum has no problem speaking its mind as well as sizzling in all the right places. It has the ability to produce a nice cracking rim-shot as well as warm back beats and brilliant volume potential. This snare drum has an eight lug design as well as internal dampener. This snare a fantastic example of what Slingerland drums are well known and loved for, it sounds beyond beautiful too!

The drum has been fully stripped and serviced in house in our workshop, and is fitted with our own new 20 strand wires and new remo diplomat fiberskin coated top head and remi hazy bottom.

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