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Here it is, the full-on white marine pearl, cloud badge  famous Radio King drum set from the late 1930’s-early 40”s.

The set features:

 a 12x24” bass drum with cloud badge and  flat-plate rail consolette holder

a 12x14” tom tom with the rare snap-on bass drum clamp

a 16x16” floor tom with original leg brackets ( introduced late by Slingerland in 1947)

These three late 1940’s drums came as a set with Beaver Tail lugs throughout, introduced in 1948.

The 16” floor tom has “Radio King” engraved hoops top and bottom, the 14” tom has single flange hoops without the stamp. Neither have badges, which is correct for the period.

The bass drum is in a very hard to find 12 x24”size. This is a very desirable drum indeed. All original with its special Radio King T rods intact, and includes a clip on Slingerland bass drum damper.

The set is completed by a fantastic, rare early Radio King snare drum. It’s four screw snare extenders place it between 1936 and 1938, and it also carries the adjustable snare brackets used to balance snare wire tension. 

Solid maple shell.

Faults: replaced hoops top and bottom; throw-off arm missing but the throw-off otherwise correct; and the shell has three small extra holes drilled in one panel. Difficult to know why.

Nevertheless, this is a relatively rare version of the Radio King snare drum to own, and the specifics make this an incredible and relatively rare set to have. 

The shells clean, original white marine pearl throughout, the set of course looks fantastic. 

Another Rubix bargain !!