Slingerland Mahogany Drum Kit 20"/16"/13" in Black 'Crocodile' Finish - April 1968

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This kit sound AMAZING!

Slingerland drum kit in 20" x 14", 13" x 9" and 16" x 16", 3-ply shells mahogany, poplar, mahogany with maple re-rings. The original finish has been changed at some point in its life for a black 'crocodile / snake skin' plastic wrap finish.

The kit comes with original lugs, claws, tension rods, hoops, bass drum hoops, floor tom legs and bass drum legs, however is missing original badges.

There has been some re-drilling that has been filled and covered by the new wrap.

This Slingerland kit has a lovely warm, round sound with boosted lows and low-mids that you would expect from a mahogany drum kit. 

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