SLINGERLAND 22 12 13 16 black diamond pearl set

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This is an immaculate Niles, Illinois Modern Solo Outfit dating from the 1970’s, with the black and silver badge. 

The two top toms offer a very special quality to the set’s overall sound, and added to the 20” bass drum give a flexibility to the set’s range. 

Also, we must say: Slingerland’s black diamond pearl was just about the best of the bunch, giving a lot of glamour to the set.

It’s in great shape for a 40-50 year old set, and of course with those Slingerland shells, has a great, clean focused sound, slightly drier than a Gretsch shell offers. Just try the bass drum and find out.

It’s a very nice set of drums indeed, with nothing added and 

nothing taken away. All there ---tom mounts and tom legs.

What more could you need?  And at this price too…….

( Rubix showing the way !! )