Slingerland 1968 Drum Kit in Sparkling Purple - 22/13/16 - W/ FREE DW CLAW SPURS

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This stunning Slingerland kit, date stamped Jan 1968, is finished in a beautiful Sparkling Purple re-wrap, which we believe was applied early on in its life. We believe the kit to be a transitional kit, as the toms are mahogany, while the bass drum is maple.

This is a definite players kit, and who wouldn't want to play it?! It's wrap is MINT condition, the toms have an incredible warm tone with boosted lows thanks to the mahogany, and the bass drum has real power!

Bass Drum:

  • 22x14" 3-ply Maple/Poplar/Maple shell.
  • Has original Slingerland second bass drum spur holes, which are covered.
  • Mount has been re-drilled and filled with a Set-o-Matic Tom Holder.
  • All original Lugs, Claws, Hoops and Bass Drum Spurs (one bass drum spur bracket has threaded).
  • Comes with DW Claw Spurs to protect the shell from original spurs.
  • Sounds HUGE.
  • Wrap in MINT condition.

Rack Tom: 

  • 13x9" 3-ply mahogany/poplar/mahogany shell.
  • Date Stamped Jan 1968.
  • No extra drilling.
  • All Original Dampener, Lugs, Rims and Mount.
  • Amazing, warm tone.
  • Wrap in MINT condition.

Floor Tom:

  • 16x15" 3-ply mahogany/poplar/mahogany shell.
  • All original Dampener, Lugs, Rims, Brackets and Legs.
  • Has what was probably an original mount with 2 holes drilled that are covered by the wrap.
  • Wrap in MINT condition.

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