SABIAN HHX X-Treme Groove Pack

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Sabian opened a new world of sound possibilities with the HHX series. From dark, musically rich tones to cutting, bright sounds, the HHX makes it easy to achieve your perfect sound, no matter what style of music you play.

A combination of hand-guided machine hammering and hand-hammering is used to shape and for each cymbal, adding musicality, complexity and bright tone. Each individual cymbal is hand-tested and hand-weighed in the Vault by sound specialists, which is a vital process for shaping the sound and weight for the cymbals. The HHX cymbals are placed on a shelf to age after the construction process, which allows the active molecules to slow down and stabilise, maximising sound quality and play-ability.

 All HHX series cymbals are complete with HHX 'Tone Projection'. This innovative concept combines jumbo 'tone projector' hammering and other design elements resulting in hot, simmering sounds that can project through.


  • Hand hammered cymbal set
  • Capable of producing exquisitely dark sound
  • Utilise manufacturing techniques developed creating some of the world’s top selling cymbals lines
  • Includes 15'' Groove Hats, 17'' & 19'' Crash and 21'' Groove Ride