Sabian 22" Artisan Elite Ride

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Darker Sound With a Woody Tone.

The Artisan Elite Cymbals offer drummers a unique performance consisting of a lower-pitched, drier sound that equates to an overall deeper and darker tone. The dry sound means no washy sustain and players can experience a defined ping response that accentuates every strike.

The multi-peen and high-density hammering creates the distinction between the traditional Artisan cymbals and the 22" Elite. The complex tone is complemented by the integration of a low-profile, woody bell sound.

The classic construction of the 22" Sabian cymbal features a surface with imperfections such as tin oxide, making it ideal for players who prefer a darker look to match the overall performance.

Sabian Artisan cymbals have always been masterpieces, pushing forward the art of cymbal making while delivering old-world sound. Artisan Elite are the latest cymbals from Sabian to deliver on the Artisan promise.


  • Deeper, darker sound than regular Artisan cymbals
  • Unlathed surface creates unique appearance
  • Features integrated, low-profile woody bell tone
  • Multi-peen, high-density hammering for unique, dark timbre