Rohema Eco Series Timpani Mallets - 61423

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The Rohema Mallett Sticks̴Ì_are a pair of Hickory Drum Sticks from the German company Rohema.

These quality drum sticks are made from the finest quality materials available, in order for the best sounding sticks the world has seen. Made from Hickory, which is the toughest wood available in the industry, these sticks are by far the most resistant and versatile around.

The main features of the Rohema Mallett Sticks include:

  • Size: 5A̴Ì_
  • Length: 390 mm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Material: Hickory̴Ì_
  • Material mallet heads
  • Finish: Lacquer̴Ì_