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This is a 1960’s Rogers flat grey interior Cleveland standard 22”, 13”, 16” set with a matching 5x14” Luxor snare drum.

This set has those Rogers Keller-made shells when Keller made shells worth having !! These are the fantastic 3ply maple-birch-maple with 3ply glues rings, and sound incredible.

The notorious bread-and-butter lugs place less density on the shells and give them more freedom to resonate.

Despite the tendency for these lugs to crack under high tension, these drums therefore remain the favourites for many Rogers fans due to their tonal quality.

The two toms have some minor splits in their lugs but hold tensioning without a problem, and the small tom has the rarer small B&B lugs, adding a little extra kudos to the status of the set.

The 14x20 bass drum has far fewer lug issues, and like the toms , sounds great, with the punch, clarity and tonal depth Rogers are appreciated for.

The Luxor snare drum is a 6 lugs drum with a particularly smooth-edged shell giving it a bite that can snap at you. Don't underestimate these Rogers Luxor snare drums !!

Correct hoops , badges, swivomatic hardware and original red sparkle throughout, this is a tasty set to play.