REMO Acousticon SE 1988 Vintage Drum Kit - 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 22"

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This fantastic Remo Encore drum kit from the late 1980s sounds phenomenal. Using Remo's Acousticon SE shells with chamfered bearing edges, the kit packs a punch and records incredibly well. 

The kit has been re-wrapped in an industrial looking finish that is quite striking. All drums have original Remo badges, fittings and mounts, with tom mounts, floor tom legs and a boom cymbal stand included. The kit has a few small knocks (see photos) that are purely cosmetic and hardly noticeable.

The 8" is a Yamaha tom that has been re-wrapped in the same finish and matches the kit nicely in both look and tone.

This kit is a lot of drum for the money, a real bargain to get your hands on a superb kit for either live or studio set ups.