PREMIER Signia 75th Anniversary 14" X 5.5" Snare Drum in Ebony Lacquer with 18K GOLD HARDWARE

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To mark their 75th Anniversary in 1997, Premier introduced the very limited edition 75th Anniversary Signia Drum Kit and Snare. Here we have one of the 14 x 5.5 snare drums. These drums are 4mm super thin reinforced maple shells. The drum shell is finished in Transparent Ebony Lacquer and comes with wood hoops and 18K gold accent hardware. The snare throw is the Premier 610, the wood hoops are held with matching gold accent claw hooks, the complete look of this drum is stunning.

The snare we have at Rubix Drums is in VG condition, however is missing one of the pins holding the badge in place (please see photos).

Whilst this drum will appeal to collectors this would also be a perfect drum for a player to enjoy. The wood hoops make this a joy to play and the beautiful Signia design cues work alongside any make or model or drum set.