Premier APK Concert Tom Drum Kit in Liquid Black - 22/12/13/16

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Here we have a bit of a Franken-kit!

This drum kit has Premier APK concert toms from the 1990's, matched with a Premier 22" bass drum from the 1960's. 

The toms are all original, with the interiors of the shells paints black (in true APK style). The lugs, shells and hoops are in great condition.

The 3-ply birch bass drum with re-rings has been re-wrapped to match the rest of the kit, and the spurs have been re-drilled. It has Premier's Lokfast double tom mount, original bass drum spurs and lugs, and has 70's claws and t-rods on the reso head and 60's claws and t-rods on the batter head.

The kit sounds fantastic, exactly what you would expect from a concert tom kit. It will record tremendously well.

Fitted with brand new Remo Control Sound White batter heads this kit is ready to rumble!

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