Pork Pie 14" x 6" Little Squealer Snare Drum - Chrome Over Steel

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Steel Beauty has never been such a valid statement, in fact it may even be an understatement!

Pork Pie Percussion bring you another stunning snare drum from the popular Little Squealer range and this time it is a Steel Snare Drum with a flawlessly sleek Chrome finish. There is something really soothing about a metal drum shell, although an opinion split across the drumming community, we believe that steel has a lot of desirable qualities that makes it just as attractive as any wood shells. For a start Steel has an array of accents that are deeply cutting, from clear highs to low ends you can always count on bright, aggressive attack that is incredibly resilient. A powerful sound that really is cutting, is coupled with flanged hoops, Pork Pie's exclusive snare wires and throw off, all make for an all round belter of a snare! 10 hourglass lugs add more control and finer, more even tuning across the snare, more so than traditional 8 lugged snare drums. As well as the incredible sound of the steel shell, the strikingly sleek Chrome finish with matching Chrome hardware should certainly not be overlooked! Shiny, clean and stylish, you'll definitely turn heads with this Little Squealer and rightly so! Pork Pie Percussion are fast becoming a percussion heavyweight in the drumming industry and rightly so, the sound and appearance of Pork Pie Drums are incredibly individual and we love them all the more for it!

Punchy, powerful and certainly all purpose at an extremely competitive price, there's always room for a bit of Steel Beauty in your life and if there isn't, there's definitely room for it in your drum kit! 


  • Steel Drum Shell
  • Chrome finish
  • 2.3mm flanged hoops
  • 10 Hourglass lugs
  • Chrome Drum Hardware
  • Pork Pie drum badge
  • Pork Pie exclusive snare wires
  • Handmade in America
  • Remo Heads


  • 14" x 6"