Pearl SensiTone 14" x 5" Aluminium Snare Drum - STA1450AL

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Immediate power grooves.

A snare drum that speaks the loudest. The Pearl SensiTone 14 x 6.5'' Aluminium Snare Drum produces captivating sound. The raw snare 'crack' is omnipresent with immediate effect, providing immense satisfaction when you're playing deep in pocket grooves.

The 1.2mm aluminium shell offers a level of sensitivity that responds to every nuance of your playing. All of your hard work will be heard clearly. This 14x5" model produces a dry, focused attack with quick decay. If you want a snare with supreme bite and clarity, the Pearl SensiTone 14 x 6.5" Aluminium Snare is the perfect snare drum for you.


  • Responsive, loud snare that delivers crisp definition to all of your notes
  • Aluminium shell provides an essential classic sound with modern flair
  • Produces a focused 'crack' for an incredibly satisfying backbeat
  • Immediate, bright attack; cutting with quick decay