Pearl Roadshow Jr. 5-Piece Drum Kit with Hardware and Cymbals - 16/8/10/13/12SD

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All-In-One Kids Drum Set

The Pearl Roadshow Jr. kids drum kit gives you full-fledged Pearl style and performance in a a perfectly sized drum kit for kids aged 10 years and under.

All the drums, hardware cymbals and accessories you need to start playing drums are here in this incredible child's drum kit.

Inspired by the popular Pearl Roadshow drum kits for beginners, the Pearl Roadshow Jr. drum kit offers that same great performance for children under 10.

Great Sounding Drums

At the core of the Pearl Roadshow Jr. drum kit is a set of 5 drum shells.

These 6-ply white poplar shells have been specially moulded to create a single air resonance chamber to deliver pure note projection.

Furthermore, with hand-cut 45-degree bearing edges, the Pearl Roadshow Junior shells boast exceptional drum head contact for improved performance.

Included in this kids drum kit is a matching 1" x 4" wooden snare drum which features similar specs to the popular Pearl Short Fuse auxiliary snare used by professional drummers.

The Pearl Roadshow Jr.'s scaled down bass drum features locking, adjustable feet for secure positioning too.

High Quality Cymbals and Hardware

Complementing this fantastic kids drum kit is a set of cymbals.

With a 13" crash and 10" hi-hat cymbals, the Pearl Roadshow Jr. drum kit has that all-important edge for full sounding performance.

What's more, all the hardware you need is included. High quality cymbal, hi-hat and snare drum stands with well-balanced tripod bases are all here for great reliability.

You also have a great bass drum pedal which boasts a smooth chain drive allowing you to play fast and accurately.

All the hardware is scaled to fit the drum kit perfectly and everything is in reach for smaller players.

However, as your child grows, you can adjust both the height and angle of all the stands.

Everything You Need To Play Drums

In addition to the drums, cymbals and hardware, the Pearl Roadshow Jr. drum kit also comes with the accessories you'll need to get started.

This includes a drum throne to sit on, quality Jr. drumsticks to play with and a drum key to tune the drums!


  • Shells Made From 6-Ply Poplar Drum Shells
  • Comes with a 13" Cymbal and 10" Hi-Hat Cymbals
  • Includes All Necessary Hardware and Stands
  • Comes with Drum Sticks, a Drum Key and Drum Stool


  • 16" x 10" Bass Drum
  • 8" x 5" Rack Tom
  • 10" x 5.5" Rack Tom
  • 13" x 8" Floor Tom
  • 12" x 4" Snare Drum