Pearl Masters Maple Complete 4-Piece Shell Pack

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    The Masters Maple Complete series is a shining example of Pearl’s uncompromising quality standards. The shells of this 4-piece shell pack are crafted from beautiful North American Maple using Pearl’s EvenPly 6 method, which consists of 6 layers of quality ply that offer fantastic strength for a mere 5.4mm total thickness. These shells possess the perfect blend of power, richness, and tonal purity. This shell pack consists of a 22 x 18” bass drum, 16 x 14” floor tom, 12 x 8 rack tom, 10 x 7 rack tom and comes in a selection of five stunning finishes.

    Thanks to their thinly layered cross-laminated 6-ply construction, these shells manage to channel the tonal clarity and awesome resonance of the Masters MMX series and the searing power of the MRX. All of the bearing edges are bevelled to 45° for minimum head-to-shell contact yielding maximum projection and resonance. North American Maples great tonewood properties are ever-present in these drums and come to the fore with potent vibrancy.

    Each mounted tom is equipped with Pearl’s aluminium OptiMount Suspension System, low-contact mounts that attach to the tom’s tension rods, leaving the shell unhindered. This results in rock-solid stability while still allowing the shell to resonate fully and sing to its full potential.

    All of these shells feature gleaming chrome hardware that matches the lustre of their finish and oozes with sophistication, whilst increasing sustain and tonal resonance. Each tom is equipped with triple-flanged 2.3mm SuperHoop II’s for enhanced tonal focus and all of the drums feature Classic Bridge Lugs which limit contact with the shells. The 22 x 18” undrilled bass drum features stylish, matching wood hoops, a set of ultra-sturdy SP-30 spurs and possesses a monstrous low-end thump that you can control with the included full-size bass drum muffling pillow.

    A fantastic kit with a wonderful tone, awesome projection, sublime aesthetic - and a crisp, powerful Maple flavour. 


    • 10 x 7” Tom
    • 12 x 8” Tom
    • 16 x 14” Floor Tom
    • 22 x 18” Bass Drum


    • EvenPly Six (6-ply, 5.4mm) 100% Maple shells
    • Matching Maple bass drum hoops
    • Masters low-mass bridge lugs
    • Superhoop II on toms
    • Optimount suspension system
    • Stainless steel tension rods
    • Adjustable bass drum muffler
    • Remo Drum Heads


    Please note that the pictured cymbals, snare drum and hardware are not included, but get in touch as here at Rubix we have some fantastic options to complete your setup and get you playing straight away.