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This is a vintage '80s Pearl Super Pro GLX series drum set in mint condition. Red wood lacquered finish inside and out. (factory original)

The GLX series was made for only a few years in the mid 80s. Discontinued in 1988.   This GLX kit featured quick release "super gripper" lugs. The super gripper lugs don't have springs and allow you to take the head off without totally removing the tension rods.

Sizes are: (depth x diameter) 10x08 12x09 13x10 16x16 16x22

The rims are all Pearl Super Hoops ... heavy 2.3ml.

This set has no dings from normal use. They still look great on stage but are by no means perfect cosmetically.             

The kit features all maple six ply shells. Bearing edges are original and in great shape. Drums are in round.

If you are Pearl enthusiast, this is a great addition to your arsenal! There are no real comps because you don't see these very often, so you tell me what they are worth! Make an offer.