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The Pearl Export series is a stepping stone in every aspiring drummers journey. If you are a gigging drummer then you have most likely played a venue owned export. The reason for their incredible popularity is simple. They sound great and they are affordable making it ideal for intermediate drummers. With this kit comes a high-hat stand, three cymbal stands, a snare stand and a kick pedal.

This kit also comes with a set of SBR cymbals:

-SBR 14" Hi-Hats
-SBR 16" Crash
-SBR 20" Ride

Price: £799.99
Title: Pearl Export
Size: 22x18 16x16 14x5.5 13x9 12x8
Year: 1982
Series: Export
Weight: 40
Colour: black
Condition: 9/10
Shells: Mahogany


Whilst every effort is made to describe the condition of our used equipment certain detail may be missed. Please feel free to call the shop and a member of staff will handle the product and describe any faults/condition in detail. This avoids any ambiguity of the goods sold.

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