Pearl Eliminator Redline Hi-Hat Stand - H-2050

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Achieve unparalleled versatility and customisation in hi-hat pedal control.

The Pearl H-2050 Eliminator Redline Twin-Cam 2 Legged Hi-Hat Stand is the only hi-hat stand on the market to feature the interchangeable cam system. This adds a great amount of customisable options and are designed to eliminate resistance, reduce fatigue, and increase performance.

This hi-hat stand includes a patented seat cup which features a hinged platform that provides outstanding stability and a consistent hi-hat sound and response.

Fitted with swivelling legs, the Pearl Redline hi-hat stand allows for perfect placement regardless of how many other stands or pedals your set-up may include. This hi-hat stand is also fitted with extra-large non-slip rubber feet and a push button which activates spikes for a non-slip grip on a carpet or rubber surface.


  • Interchangeable cam system allows you to customise the response of the pedal
  • Precision spring tension dial provides precise control over the hi-hat tension
  • Traction plate footboard allows you to tweak the amount of grip on the footboard
  • Reversible pedal plate
  • PowerShifter changes the overall feel of the hi-hat action and response
  • PosiLink Twin Double Chain Drive
  • Pedal traction grip inserts can be adjusted or removed
  • Rapid Lock Clutch Included