Pearl Decade Maple 5-Piece Drum Kit in Gloss Deep Red Burst with HWP830 Hardware Pack

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This Pearl Decade Maple 5-Piece 100% Maple kit offers a huge amount of awesome Pearl features for your hard-earned bucks. It promises the broad tonal range that Pearl is famous for and delivers in spades, packing a sound full of character and expression.

This gorgeous 5-piece kit in a Gloss Deep Red Burst finish produces a clean and focused sound ranging from clean, clear highs to thumping, beefy lows. It projects very well indeed and has a great presence.

We have Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology to thank for this kits amazing sound. This innovative manufacturing process uses a heat/pressure technique that combines extremely high-temperature moulds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure to shape the 6-ply 100% Maple shells to the exact dimensions and imbue them with immense strength and structural integrity.

These shells are allowed the freedom to sing thanks to Pearl’s Opti-Loc Mounting system. This suspension mount uses a low-contact design that allows your shells to resonate openly with very little choking or dampening. It holds the toms securely in place by attaching to the shells tuning rods and resting against its air vent, meaning there is no direct contact with the shell. This minimum contact approach and the use of rubber vibration isolators keeps your drum resonating as freely as is possible. 

Finished in a delicious Gloss Deep Red Burst, these drums look absolutely fantastic. Rich and sumptuous, it's a tasty aesthetic that perfectly echos this kits raw, warm sound.

To ensure you get playing straight away, this kit also includes a full set of hardware; this includes a pedal, a boom stand, a straight stand, a hi hat stand, snare stand and tom mounts.


  • 10 x 7” Rack Tom
  • 12 x 8’’ Rack Tom
  • 16 x 16’’ Floor Tom
  • 14 x 5.5’’ Snare Drum
  • 22 x 18’’ Bass Drum 


  • Shells: 6-Ply Maple
  • NDL Lugs
  • 1.6mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops
  • Bass Drum Spurs: SP-300
  • Finish: Gloss Deep Red Burst

Hardware Configuration

  • P-930 Single Bass Drum Pedal
  • BC-830 Cymbal Stand
  • C-830 Straight Cymbal Stand
  • H-830 Hi-hat
  • S-830 Snare Stand
  • Tom Mounts
  • Floor Tom Legs


Please note that the pictured cymbals are not included, but get in touch as here at Rubix we have some fantastic options to complete your setup and get you playing straight away.